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Monday, September 13, 2010

Images by Michele launches NEW WEBSITE!!!

I loved my last website which I designed in Adobe Flash but there were several issues with it. First, since it was in Flash, in order to view it you had to download Flash. This doesn't seem like a huge issue but anything Apple-based doesn't support Flash. Sooo...all the new iPhones or iPads would not be able to view my website. The other problem with it was that it was very hard to update. The third issue was that since it was in Flash the text was not searchable.

I've been busy over this last year with my photography clients and I really had no time to dedicate to redesigning my site. I asked my friend and fellow graphic designer, Holly Harter ( to redesign my site. I barely had time to even work on the stuff I needed to get to her for her to move forward but she gave me deadlines and I had to make sure I met them. I absolutely love the new site! It does everything the last site didn't and it has sooo much more information. I spent an hour updating some sections that would've normally taken days.

Comment and let me know what you think!! Also check out Holly's website and check out her work:

Here's a screen shot of the site:

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