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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gallery Wrap

A few weeks ago I ordered Kim and Mike's Gallery Wrap and when it came in last week I just had to photograph it. It looked a piece of art! The image she selected was perfect to be printed on canvas material. She emailed when she received it and was thrilled! She immediately hung it up!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Thumbnail Pages on Images by Michele

For the past few months I've been thinking of ways to make it easier to browse through my photos on my website. As of this morning when you clicked on a category, it would start a slideshow. You weren't able to stop it and/or click on thumbnails of just the images you wanted to view. Over the weekend I found this tool that is just awesome! It loads the images as thumbnails and as you scroll over each image, it enlarges...the whole page appears to tilt too! When you go to my website: and click on Photography, you'll now see 2 links for each category; Slideshow and Thumbnails. You can decide whether you want to sit back and watch the slideshow or go right to the thumbnails and have fun clicking's almost 3D!

Jennifer, Ryan, Kaytlen & Stephanie

Jennifer and her family were such a blast to photograph! They definitely felt more comfortable laughing and moving around then sitting and trying to pose and keep a straight face! I love the way these photos turned much energy and I can't help but chuckle when I look through them. Here's just a taste:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rae-Ann, Sarah, Greg, and JT 12-21-2009

We had originally planned on a casual, outdoor photoshoot but my flight was canceled and so we had to reschedule for a Monday night. Plan B was in effect and it turned out great! Sarah and Greg just happen to have this beautiful green wall in their dining room...and voila! I absolutely love the photo of Rae-Ann and Greg cracking makes me laugh every time I look at it. The photo of  Sarah and Greg hugging is soooo cute!!! Of course...JT just steals the show with his Gerber baby looks!

A slideshow of more photos:

Kimberly & Mike Kochanny December 12, 2009

On December 12th, Teddy and I drove to Raleigh and then flew to Chicago. We had about a 2 hour layover and then flew to Detroit. Once we got to Detroit we drove to Harbor Springs, Michigan...which is about 4.5 hours north. As some Michiganers, Michiganites would's at the top of the mitt. We hit crazy weather once we got close to Harbor Springs...I'm talking a full blown blizzard!!! At one point we just started laughing because we had no idea whether we were still on the road! The great news is, the next day was the wedding and there was no snow, blue skies, and the temperature hit 26 still sounds cold but we were thrilled. We were able to take some awesome snow photos and the rest of the day just kept getting better and better. Kim and Mike and the entire wedding party and guests had a blast and here are a few shots from their perfect wedding day.

Below is a slideshow of more images from that day:

Evan's First Photoshoot

I've been on a newborn photo kick lately and I LOVE it!!! It's great to see first-time parents and their new addition. There's always sooo much love in the room. It also fulfills my urge to have another least for a little while. ;) Evan was an absolute angel. He didn't cry once! It was unbelievable!

Here's a slideshow of all the photos:

Giuseppe's first photoshoot!

Here are some photos from Giuseppe's first photoshoot! He is absolutely adorable! He looked like a little Christmas elf! The photoshoot was a little crazy because although Giuseppe looks tiny...he eats like a horse!!! I was supposed to fly up to Connecticut this day but while I was at the shoot I found out my flight had been canceled because of a huge snowstorm. Everything worked out perfectly and I'm excited to photograph this little peanut as he grows more and more handsome!

Preview the entire slideshow: